About Us

Scrambler Ducati food factory brings to the table (also the dining table) the scrambler ducati style, and of course celebrates the Italian gastronomic tradition, living the scrambler ducati world has never been so tasty!

Classic pizza

A must Italian classic in the world , our pizzaiolis are very passionate and dedicated about the dough, which is very light , you won’t have any problems getting back on the road after one of our pizzas.

Crunchy pizza

Pizza tastes better when shared. Thanks to high hydration and excellent raw materials, our “pizza in pala” is easily digestible and the perfect match for an evening with friends.

The tradition

We take the typical ingredients of our region and give it a modern switch. From handmade tagliatelle to traditional tortellini, our fresh pasta is handcrafted in our laboratory, following a high selection of raw materials and local products.


Did you know that the very first Scrambler Ducati was made exclusively for the American market?

Our burgers celebrate the country that hosted the beginning of the Scrambler Ducati project.